Level 3 Bushfire Services

BPAD Level 3 Basics

A BPAD Level 3 consultant provides advanced bushfire planning and design services for high-risk and vulnerable developments. These include schools, daycare centers, aged care facilities, campsites, and other critical infrastructure. They work on projects involving “Tourism use,” “Unavoidable Flame Zone (BAL-40/FZ),” or “High Risk” developments like petrol stations. They conduct detailed risk assessments, deliver performance solutions, and develop mitigation strategies to ensure compliance with stringent bushfire safety standards.

When is it likely needed for a Dwelling?

A Level 3 BPAD consultant is usually not needed for standard residential dwellings. They are typically required for high-risk sites or single-lot dwellings where the rating cannot be reduced to BAL-29 or less.

These sites we call Unavoidable BAL-40 or BAL-FZ, below is an example where there is not enough space to allow BAL-29 within the lot:

Level 3 Bushfire Services

Sites like the ones above in the bushfire prone area are not cost effective and if you need advice before purchasing we would highly recommend this before you place an offer down on the property, here is further information on this.

What can they do different?

A BPAD Level 3 consultant can use performance solutions to reduce risk, such as implementing a bushfire shelter. They can also provide a “method 2” BAL Assessment, where they dry and weigh fuels to lower the radiant heat impact and potentially reduce the rating.

When will I know if I need this?

WA Fire & Safety will inform you if this is required and we can refer you off to someone that can assist to get the job completed. This will be expensive in most cases, this includes the BPAD Level 3 Services, the performance solutions to mitigate the risk and possibly the construction materials.