City of Kalamunda BAL Assessments

Are you building in the City of Kalamunda and need a simple rundown on BAL Assessments in the area? We’ve got you covered with essential local knowledge.

Has the city requested a BAL Assessment and you’re unsure what it means? A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment is typically the first document requested. If the rating is high, you might need a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) or Bushfire Management Statement (BMS) as well, depending on the local Planning Scheme or LGA Requirements.

Development Approval (DA)

Below is the BAL Assessment part of DA Checklist within the City of Kalamunda. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for compliance and safety. Ensure you understand and prepare the necessary documents to achieve development approval without delays.

Below is the BAL Assessment part of the City of Kalamunda DA checklist:

Kalamunda BAL Assessment Checklist

Important additional BAL Information

You do not need a BAL Assessment:

  • if you are NOT in the Bushfire Prone area
  • if you are doing internal renovations and you do not increase your footprint of the dwelling.
  • Changing out, replacing modifying walls or windows of a dwelling.
  • Replacement of posts, decks , established sections.
  • Building a shed that is more than 6m from a dwelling.

But yes for:

  • Roof replacement, this is a major change and in the bushfire prone area you will need a BAL Assessment.
  • Additions that increase the footprint of the dwelling.
  • Building a structure that is within 6m of a Habitable Dwelling
  • New Dwelling
  • Home business, change of use, granny flat or similar

Some areas that are also no so clear:

  • The 6m rule here is not so clear and if you are building a Class 10a shed or similar non-habitable structure and its more than 6m from a Dwelling, its non associated and BAL construction to AS3959 and a BMP/BMS will not be required. Same for the granny flat below, its outside the Bushfire Prone Area and more than 6m from the dwelling that is Bushfire Prone, if you have the space this can save you money by keeping these not associated.
  • The above checklist says properties that are not in the bushfire prone area, but specifically its the Building has to be outside the bushfire prone area (BPA), like the example below the Granny flat is outside of the BPA.
Kalamunda BAL Assessment

If you are developing a Class 1a (Dwelling) shown above on the bottom lot, its just outside the DFES bushfire-prone area, you typically do not need a BAL Assessment. However, sometimes the local government may request one. In such cases, a Bushfire Consultant can provide the necessary information to demonstrate that your property is outside the Bushfire Prone Area.

State Planning Policy

Building Permits and BAL Certificates

Steps to Obtain a Building Permit:
  1. After Planning Approval:
    • Modify the vegetation within your lot to achieve a BAL rating of 29 or less.
    • Acquire a BAL Report and Certificate that can verify this rating.
    • Submit these documents to obtain your Building Permit.
  2. Without Planning Approval:
    • For smaller lots or single dwellings in very low-risk areas, you may only need a BAL Assessment.

Following these steps ensures you comply with requirements and obtain your building permit without unnecessary delays.

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