Shire of Mundaring BAL Assessments

Are you building in the Shire of Mundaring and want the differences for BAL Assessments in the area? We’ve got you covered with essential local knowledge.

Mundaring usually requests a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment as the first document. Regardless of the rating, you will likely need a Bushfire Management Statement (BMS) due to the Shire’s local Planning Scheme and LGA Requirements.

Development Approval (DA)

There is a wealth of information of the Shire of Mundaring Website. Will cover the basics from out end and with a Development Approval you will need a BAL Assessment and BMS. Planning and Building approval here includes the BMS.

The majority of the shire is inside the Bushfire Prone Areas, some areas of east are outside the BPA within the Shire of Mundaring, as below:

Mundaring BAL Assessments

Some tips for a DA in Mundaring:

  • Ensure you complete your BAL Assessment early. If your lot size is smaller, the LNA is within the lot, or you have steep slopes, you may need to strategically place your dwelling. Consider getting the assessment before drawing up a site plan.
  • If your lot is a bush lot or has potential habitat trees, creek lines, flora, or fauna, invite the Mundaring Environmental Asset Team to inspect your lot. Do not worry; they are amazing. Heidi or Jolene will collaborate with you to achieve your goals. They can assist in speeding up your application, ask for a EAI on the website.
  • If you are buying or offering on a lot in Mundaring, get the BAL done first.
  • When planning to build and add a shed, ensure it is more than 6 meters from a habitable dwelling to reduce vegetation modification within the lot.
  • Submit your BAL Report, Certificate and BMS straight away, when approved you will modify your vegetation and then you apply for a Building Permit.
BAL Assessment in Mundaring

An example when developing a Class 1a (Dwelling) on the bottom lot shown above, and it’s just outside the DFES bushfire-prone area, you typically do not need a BAL Assessment. However, the Shire of Mundaring may request one. In such cases, a Bushfire Consultant can provide the necessary information to demonstrate that your property is outside the Bushfire Prone Area.

Building Permits and Certificates

Steps to Obtain a Building Permit:
  • Modify the vegetation within your lot to achieve a BAL rating of 29 or less.
  • Acquire a BAL Report and Certificate to verify this rating is achieved and confirm the Asset Protection Zone is established.
  • Submit this final BAL Report and Certificate to obtain your Building Permit.

Following these steps ensures you comply with requirements and obtain your building permit without unnecessary delays.

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